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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DRESS si comel..only RM40(free pos)

JOM tengok....semuanya free postage

DR01- GYMBOREE Polkadot dress 
RM40 include postage

saiz-bahu,dada,labuh (ukuran(cm)) 
2T - 22,28,49 sold
4T - 24,30,54
6T - 25,31,58
8T - 26,32,60
10T- 27,33,64 sold

 DR02- GYMBOREE Lovely dress
RM40 free postage

saiz-bahu,dada,labuh (ukuran (cm)) 
2 - 19,22,46 sold
4 - 20,25,50
6 - 21,27,52
8 - 25,29,56
10- 26,30,60

RM40 include postage

saiz-bahu,dada,labuh (ukuran (cm))
3y - 24,28,55
4y - 25,29,58

DR05- NEXT Flower dress
RM40 include postage
saiz-bahu,dada,labuh (ukuran (cm)) 
4 - 21,25,44 sold
6 - 23,27,49
7 - 24,28,51

DR06- POLO dress 
RM40 include postage

S - 17,28,53
M - 18,29,55sold
L - 19,32,56 sold
XL-20,33,59 sold

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

more 'LET GO SALE'..more upload...

all this preloved my prince ammar iskandar... still in good condition..

anakku red shirt (saiz 3T)+anakku dark blue shirt (saiz 3T)+freedom short pant (saiz 3)
setLG26 - RM 20 sold
kemeja grey puppy wink (saiz 3T)+puppy wink red shirt(saiz 3)+kikilala pant(saiz 3T)
setLG27 - RM22 sold
disney red stripe (saiz 3T)+disney short pant (saiz 3T)
setLG28- RM18 sold
anakku jeans (saiz 3T)+anakku blue stripe (saiz 3T)
setLG29- RM20 sold

disney mickey overall (saiz 6-12mth)+anakku orange shirt (saiz 3T)
setLG30- RM 15
disney baby (saiz 18-24 mth)
setLG31-RM 10

Monday, August 16, 2010

'LET GO SALE'!!!memang berbaloi memilikinya....

all this belongs to my lil princess...pakai xlame coz my baby lahir je da 4.2kg.. hihi... so apa tunggu lagi!!.. (",) ...
carter's pink jumpsuit (6mth)+Disney pink suit(3mth)
LG0609-RM 20
disney romper lite pink(0-6 mth)+dark pink tight (0-6mth)+disney bedtime romper (0-6mth)
LG102511-RM 15
early days romper (0-3mth up to 6kg)+purple tight(6-12mth)+carters romper(3mth)
LG122116-RM 13
early days romper(0-3mth up to 6kg)+pink flower tight(6-12mth)+carter's romper(3mth)
LG132215-RM 13 booked suzi
carter's romper (3mth)+stripe tight (0-3mth)+baby gear romper (3-6mth)
LG141918-RM 13
disney romper (3mth)+lite pink tight (0-6mth)
just one year romper (saiz s)+white stripe tight (0-3mth)
LG1720-RM 9

Thursday, August 12, 2010

special edition post only RM20

patern yg cantik sgt2...
1 patern n 1 saiz (6-12 mth only)..

 from left : te07,  sold, sold, sold,  te11, 
                      te12 resev
price = rm 20.00/pcs
free postage

*maaf sgt2..pic x cantik...blur...
tp live mmg cun lah!!...wallaa

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sandal and skirt postage

cute sandal
price = rm 34.00 free postage

saiz 3 (12cm)
saiz 4 (13 cm) sold

simple patern skirt legging
price = rm 25.00 free postage

saiz S (40cm) sold                        saiz M(45cm)
      saiz L (45cm) sold         saiz XL(55cm)


stylo socks and sweet socks...
normal price : rm 7.00/pcs
if buy 3pcs = rm 18.00
(can mix any color n any design of socks)

sr01,sb02, sy03 - sold out


sr01, sb02, sy03, ss05 dah sold out...
yg lain2 still avail...